If you would like to contribute to A Traveling Life, there are a few opportunities available. They are:

  • Guest Posts: Guest posts from travel writers and bloggers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Current priorities are:
    • Itineraries that are suitable for working professionals
    • Advice on balancing professional careers with travel
    • “My Favorite Food Town” highlighting 5 establishments from a second-tier city
  • Traveling Lives: This series features Q&As with professionals who have been able to balance their professional career and other life demands with significant travel.
  • Jobs That Let You See the World: This series features Q&As with professionals who work full-time at a job that requires significant travel.
  • NGO Spotlight: This series features Q&As with social innovators and entrepreneurs around the world.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • No advertising. I only accept guest posts from individual travel writers and bloggers. I do not accept “guest posts” from or created on behalf of any for-profit entities. I also do not allow any links in guest posts.
  • Only original content will be featured. All writing and photos must be your own. I do not accept duplicate content; however; you can submit photos that have been used elsewhere.
  • Edits may be made. By submitting a post or profile, you agree to let me make edits for grammar and consistency. I will inform you if any substantial changes need to be made.
  • A Traveling Life has publication rights. You are the copyright owner of the content; however, by submitting a post or profile, you agree to provide me with the rights to use the content on A Travel Life and related social media channels.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss potentially contributing to A Traveling Life.