Traveling Lives: Engineer Kenny Hyde

by Brianne Miers

Kenny Hyde is an engineer and music lover who caught the travel bug on a trip to London with his girlfriend. They since have explored bucket-list destinations like Iceland and Botswana, and recently returned from several weeks in Thailand and Malaysia.  

NAME: Kenny Hyde

RESIDENCE: Malden, Massachusetts


How have you made your life a “traveling life” and why?

Ever since I decided to meetup with my girlfriend for a weekend in London, after her week-long summit for work there, I was bitten by the travel bug. Since then we have a couple international trips per year, and we do about a few domestic trips as well throughout the year.

Why is travel important to you? 

Seeing the world has always been a dream, and I prefer to experience the different locations as opposed to relying on biases of others to tell me.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland

What are some of your first travel memories?

Well, since the question is of first travel memories, it would have to be seeing the Caribbean on family trips, when I was a kid. My mother was an employee of an airline then, which made it easier.

What is your most significant travel memory and why?

There are so many, but will try to name a couple:

  1. Safari in Chobe National Park in Botswana: It was my first safari, and I felt both excitement and a little fear in being so close to animals that could end my life if they desired.
  2. The Northern Lights in Iceland: Ever since seeing pictures of the Aurora Borealis, I knew that I wanted to see them in person. It was one of those experiences where it was happening live, but you could not believe you were actually there.

What are some misconceptions friends & family have about your travels?

  1. They think that I am blowing through ridiculous amounts to money to travel to the places we travel to.
  2. They think that it is too dangerous, based on what they see on the news, and that we should not be traveling as much as we do, especially internationally.
safari in Botswana

safari in Botswana

What advice do you have for others who want to incorporate more travel into their lives?

Don’t let others scare you into not traveling. Do the appropriate research, learn as much as you can, and go!

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

It is definitely possible, if you make it a priority. Use your vacation days for travel, not just to give yourself a couple weeks off at the end of the year to tidy up your house or run errands. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn to leverage reward programs and travel in the off/shoulder seasons, especially for popular and international destinations.

Kenny Hyde and his girlfriend

Kenny and his girlfriend in South Africa

Where are you headed next?

It will likely be a local New England destination (maybe like a Bar Harbor, Berkshires, White Mountains, etc.) for a weekend getaway. We also have thoughts of checking out Nashville or Utah, or maybe a Caribbean destination later in the year. It’s actually a different experience for us, not knowing the next destination, so it should be interesting.

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