September and October: A Time of Transition

by Brianne Miers
clock tower in Corning, New York

After a pleasant summer at home in Boston, I’ve had a busy fall so far, dealing with some big changes. But, luckily, I have a lot to look forward to in November – I leave for New Zealand on the 10th!

I think the reason people love fall so much – besides the chance to mock all of the unnecessary pumpkin-spice flavored products – is because it’s a time of transition. After the non-stop action of summer, it’s a chance to slow down, savor new beginnings and gear up for the holiday season.

Besides breaking out my sweaters and coats again, I’m in the process of letting go of some things I’ve cared about and worked hard for. Even though change is never easy, I’m excited about what’s ahead for the remainder of the year.

If you look at my home page, you’ll see I only managed to write one blog post in October – yikes! Blogging and balancing a demanding job is not easy, and since I’m a consultant, I don’t have a set schedule. Finding time to write, edit photos and keep up with social media is nearly impossible when you already spend 10-12 hours per day in front of the computer.

Switching Gears

I was lucky to pick up a few new nonprofit clients this fall, which has been fun – and of course I needed the income – but the workload has been intense at times. What’s been taking most of my focus; however, has been trying to find a full-time job. I decided in the beginning of 2018 that it was time for me to give up my consulting practice after five years in order to have more stability and better benefits. As you likely know, finding the “right” job is an all-consuming and emotionally draining endeavor, and I’ve been actively looking for months.

nametag at Wanderful's WITSx Boston

Other WITSx community summits were also held in Chicago, Wilmington, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Talking Travel

Despite my workload and job search, I did manage to sneak away and attend TBEX North America, the travel blogger conference, for a week in September in Corning, New York. I enjoy nothing more than talking travel with like-minded people, and I was able to reconnect with many bloggers I’ve met along the way. It really reminded me how much fun blogging can be and why I started it in the first place, and TBEX and Finger Lakes Wine Country worked so hard to provide us all with a special experience (even though I, unfortunately, was too sick for the wine tour). 

I also spoke at Wanderful’s first WITSx Community Summit at Simmons College last weekend during a day of terrible thunderstorms. I moderated a panel, “Boston: the Hub of Travel Tech” with some very inspiring female founders of travel tech companies –Emily Bernard of PlacePass, Jacqueline Hampton of Portico and Anne-Fleur Andrle of Jack and Ferdi. I also got to hear about other travel industry pros talk about monetizing blogs, digital trip planning trends, and what’s new food and wine in New England.

Playing Tourist

I did make time to squeeze in some fun here in Boston too. I got to learn all about Granada at a luncheon with representatives from their tourism board and several resorts – I admit, I had to look it up the island’s location on a map before I went! – and I stopped by a quirky Cafe Kahlúa pop up on Newbury Street, where I got to try my hand at making my own cocktail creation. During the week when my dad was here – he generously came to help oversee some significant work that was going on at my house – we played tourist and visited Mount Auburn Cemetery, the first “garden” cemetery in the U.S. Last weekend, my friend Kristin and I experienced the very cool Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog x FLO art installation at five location’s throughout Boston’s Emerald Necklace.

Lucy eating a cookie

Lucy enjoying her (expensive) birthday cookie

Getting Personal

Another highlight was celebrating Lucy’s 13th birthday with a trip to the beach, a walk with friends and lots of treats (Yes, Lucy is my dog). On a sadder note, I started dating a man that I was excited about, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t turn out like I had hoped. I’m trying to look for the good to come out of that, but I’m not there yet. As always, though, my friends have been a constant, and for that I’m very thankful. I’ve enjoyed book club meetings, coworking days, and dinners and movies out. I even hopped in the car at the last minute and drove to Woodstock, Vermont to meet up with a friend who just moved to New Hampshire, so we could take in the fall foliage.

Looking Ahead

Luckily I have a lot to look forward to in November and December. In just one week I’ll be leaving for New Zealand! I’ll be there through the end of the month, roadtripping around the North Island with two friends I met traveling at different points. I’m also going to be spending Thanksgiving with a couple I’ve known since my first job out of college who now live in Auckland. And as soon as I return, I’ll start my new job! Stay tuned for the details!


Banner image: downtown Corning, New York

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